5 best coolers you can buy right now

The 5 best coolers you can buy right now

This summer, more than ever, we will enjoy and especially value all those outings to the countryside, to the mountains, or to the beach with family and friends, within the new normal.

The heat threatens to stay with us and it is time to think about how to deal with it when we can live those getaways in our autonomous community or region or in the one to which we want to travel on vacation.

The coolers are a good way to stay hydrated and now also to avoid the dreaded crowds in bars and bars carry you to power your own food and drink. It is also a way to avoid risks, by making sure that only you and yours have touched what you are going to eat and the cutlery.

It is a product segment with all kinds of options and a wide range of prices that can range from 10 to 600 euros.

Refrigerators differ in their capacity, which is usually measured in liters, and also in their system for keeping food and beverages cold. It can be with ice or containers that cool, by means of a thermoelectric system or with its own condenser. In the latter case, its price rises considerably.

Another factor that you should look at when considering its purchase is its method of transport: Do they have a handle? Do they have wheels? Maybe they can be worn on the shoulder if they are not very big or heavy?

Taking these aspects into account, these are the best portable refrigerators that we propose for this summer:

Campos Refrigerator 75224
Nevera convertible Outsunny
Mininevera Homcom
Dometic Coolfreeze CDF 18 Compressor Portable Cooler
Intex 56822NP inflatable cooler

Campos Refrigerator 75224

It is the best-selling item in Amazon’s camping cooler category.

Almost 400 customers have left their assessment of it on the eCommerce platform and 3 out of 4 give it a 5-star rating.

The success of the cooler may be due to its value for money. The 16-liter model can be purchased right now for just € 12.90, making it much cheaper than other models on this list.

However, you can also find it in 24-liter and 29-liter formats for a little more money.

Buy the Campos 75224 fridge for 13 euros

Do you like Transformers? This fridge is practically one of them.

In addition to being able to cool multiple drinks and meals in its 28-liter capacity, it also becomes a very useful table set and two folding chairs.

This way you will not have to worry about looking for the typical free picnic table or that is in the shade and you can install yours wherever you want.

To transport this whole set, the refrigerator has a comfortable handle and two wheels, as if it were a kind of trolley. This system makes it very light and easy to transport.

The product previously cost 91 euros, but right now it can be purchased for only 79. That is, it has a 13% discount.

Mininevera Homcom

If you have reduced space for transport or you like the concept of being able to carry your portable cooler on your back as if it were a backpack, this proposal will appeal to you.

It has a strap so that you can hang it over your shoulder. Weighing only 2.5 kg, it is quite light and portable.

It is a refrigerator with an electric refrigerator and a very quiet fan.

The Homcom has 7.5 liters of capacity. It can hold up to 11 cans of 33 cl.

Buy the Homcom mini fridge for 38 euros.

Dometic Coolfreeze CDF 18 Compressor Portable Cooler

If you are not convinced by the typical thermos system to keep the temperature cold with ice or the like or the thermoelectric solution, you can always buy a portable refrigerator that has its own compressor, which will give you an experience as close as possible to a normal refrigerator.

The Coolfreeze allows refrigeration or deep freezing down to minus 18 degrees, with minimal energy consumption. It has 12 and 24v connections.

In addition, its design is ultra-narrow, to facilitate its adjustment to the trunk of your vehicle.

The 18-liter model sells for 459 euros. Before it cost almost 600 euros, but it has been reduced by 23%. It can also be purchased with a larger capacity, reaching up to 31 liters.

Buy the Dometic Coolfreeze CDF 18 compressor cooler for 459 euros

Intex 56822NP inflatable cooler

Another way of being able to have a snack outdoors and quite different from the previous ones is the one offered by Intex.

This model of refrigerator is designed to be enjoyed in aquatic environments, such as swimming pools, rivers, reservoirs, beaches, etc. So you can have a cool drink while you are soaking and without having to leave the liquid element.

This floating item contains 5 bottle holders, 3 air chambers, and 2 sturdy handles.

The cooler also includes plastic connectors so that it can be attached to other items in the River Run line, such as floats or inflatable chairs. Thus, you will not run out of soft drinks or beers because of the current or the tide.

Buy the inflatable cooler Intex 56822NP for 14 euros