The 7 best coolers to never stay dry on vacation

The 7 best coolers to never stay dry on vacation

We all want to go on vacation to remote beaches and corners away from the crowds to enjoy a well-deserved rest day without any disturbances. And if to achieve this it is necessary to do a few more kilometers to reach that hidden cove that almost no one knows, well, they are done.

The problem is that in exchange for that peace you have to pay a very high price. For example, the lack of beach bars. Come on, if you get hungry or you fancy a very cold beer, you’d better be proactive and bring enough supplies from home. And that, whether we like it or not, happens to load yes or yes with a portable refrigerator wherever you go. There are no more alternatives.

Obviously, the hassle of walking carrying several extra kilos is much more bearable if you are a large group of friends and you can alternate the load in turns. But still, it is still very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are several portable refrigerators on the market that offer very practical solutions to reduce this effort considerably. Electric, in backpack format, with handle … Models in which you deserve to invest all that extra money that you are going to save by not having to consume in places on the beach with oversized prices. A matter of priorities.

Just for its careful exterior design, it is worth giving it a try. But there are many more qualities that make this VOGSHOW refrigerator unique. For example, that it is carried as a backpack, which makes it much more comfortable and ergonomic to walk whatever it takes to that secret corner carrying extra weight. Also, inside the food, they keep the cold much longer since its exterior is made of 900D black nylon fabric while the interior lining is food grade PEVA insulation padded with 8 mm EPE foam. Its capacity is 30L, enough so that you do not miss anything on your getaways.

If we tell you that this refrigerator has a capacity of 56 liters, it is quite possible that you will be scared. Yes, the size is fine for large groups, but those dimensions could only be moved without difficulty by a Schwarzenegger-type bodybuilder. Well, or you if you’ve been hitting the gym hard these months. Although you do not need to have been crushed much because this particular Coleman model has a handle and very resistant wheels that make the dream of not having to pretend that you lift more weight than you can come true. Come on, you just have to pull it like a suitcase to get to your dream paradise.

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Even the strongest need a little break after a lot of effort. And we all know that traversing a trail in the scorching summer sun or going down a cliff between rocks is not highly recommended if you are exhausted. The solution not to give up before reaching your destination is to get a backpack cooler like this one from Zoology, which incorporates a folding seat so you can sit when your strength fails or simply to enjoy the scenery with a snack in hand.

BUY ZOOLOGY refrigerator with a folding chair, from € 50.35.

Who Said All Coolers Are The Same? This one from Lifewit, of course not. With a stylish exterior made of high-density, water- and dirt-resistant oxford fabric, its spacious 23-liter interior can hold up to 36 beverage cans. Although we tell you this to give you an idea of ​​how big it is, not because it is the only thing you can transport in it. It is also totally safe against possible liquid leaks since instead of being built with traditional seams, a hot pressing technology is used in its manufacture that connects the lining perfectly with the rest of the materials.

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That is what you will feel for this totally rigid 32-liter thermoelectric refrigerator, which works connected to both the 220v mains and your car or caravan at 12v. Very easy to transport thanks to its folding handle, this Camry cooler is very quiet and, of course, energy-efficient. In fact, its energy classification is A ++. It the best if we want to conserve and protect that environment that we enjoy so much during the holidays.

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Knowing that you are going to have to carry extra weight in your summer getaway, what less than taking advantage of the effort to carry a complete set of tables and stools at the same time to avoid eating on the floor and that the food is filled with sand? That is what you will have if you get this folding model from Aktive, the Swiss army knife for portable refrigerators. Pick-up is not much larger than a medium suitcase. One with wheels, of course. But when you spread it out, you’ll feel like a queen eating without having to worry about the plates filling up with sand or the wind blowing the tablecloth.

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Because there comes a time in life when it is necessary to return to the classics always to learn to value them. Obviously, all the models that we have shown you before are incredible, but if you don’t want to complicate your life too much trying new things, with this Curver you will be sure. A basic holiday wardrobe that you will return to every year.