Best Beach Coolers

Best Beach Coolers

What is the best beach cooler on the market?

Who doesn’t love spending a day at the beach? But to fully enjoy your time, you will need cold food and drinks. On most beaches, there are drinks and food available for purchase but be prepared for the high prices and limited selections.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a portable cooler. These on-the-go coolers keep food and drink cold, offer a number of cool extra features, and best of all, they can easily be moved to your destination.

Do you want a product made of rigid or soft material? With wheels or without wheels? These are some questions to ask yourself before buying. So how do you choose your ideal cooler? Keep going to find the best information on this product.

Comparison of the best portable refrigerators of 2021

Tips for choosing a good beach blue fridge
To know which refrigerator you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

Hard or Soft Walls: Hard-sided refrigerators have thick walls, made of materials such as steel or aluminum, and offer unsurpassed insulation that lasts for years. Those of soft sides, on the other hand, use of aluminum fabrics for insulation, are more flexible, lighter, and only last a few years, since isolation tends to wear easily. So we recommend choosing the one that best suits your needs.
Material: Depending on the type of wall that the cooler has, the construction material will be different. Look for materials that are as waterproof, durable, and resistant as possible. You don’t want a refrigerator that will melt ice when the sun is shining brightly. So look for a beach cooler that provides maximum insulation in the hot sun.
Capacity: They come in a wide range of sizes, so you have to ask yourself, what am I going to keep in the refrigerator? If you plan to take some cold drinks and snacks to the beach to relax with few companions, a 13L cooler may be enough; quite the opposite if you want to bring more company, drinks, and food. Always consider this before buying.
Mobility: Consider how long the journey will be to get to the beach and depending on this you can choose one with handles, straps, or wheels. The wheels will always be the easiest to transport, although the strap or handles are also useful when the cooler is small. Either way, make sure your new beach cooler is comfortable.
Versatility: When you are choosing, keep in mind if you will only use it to go to the beach or also to go to other outdoor activities such as sports in the park, picnics, or camping. Depending on the use you are going to give it, you can choose the size and characteristics that best suit your needs and destinations.
How much money should I spend on my fridge?
Keep in mind that the prices of these coolers are not always directly related to quality, and you can definitely find an amazing refrigerator at an affordable price.

Cheaper portable coolers (less than € 30) – They are functional, practical products and keep food and drinks fresh for the promised time, but these products may have a less durable design and lower degree of insulation compared to better quality.
Better quality coolers (over € 30) – They are a good investment, as they provide long-lasting performance for years they have high-end insulation materials and are easy to maintain.

What blue beach cooler to buy?

  1. Fold`N Cool

With this incredible thermal bag, you can carry the snack you want. It is ideal to take it to the beach on those summer days or take it to the mountains on camping days. Its inner fabric is easy-to-clean PEVA and 6mm closed-cell EPE insulation. Thanks to its 30-liter capacity, you can store up to 9 1.5-liter bottles.

The exterior materials are of high quality and waterproof, and you will also have at your disposal a front zippered pocket in which you can store whatever you want. If you buy the Freez ‘Pack cold accumulators you can keep it cold for up to 12 hours. It is very easy to carry thanks to its adjustable strap.

  1. Thermoelectric refrigerator

This innovative model from the AmazonBasics brand is perfect for keeping your food hot or cold. Forget about spending a lot of money buying your food on the beach, it has a capacity of 26 liters you can store up to 39 cans of 0.33l or a 2-liter bottle vertically. Made of polypropylene and polyurethane foam.

One of the novelties of this product is that it is thermoelectric, it has 55 watts of power, connect it to a lifelong electrical outlet or a car cigarette lighter. Its cold function allows you to have an ideal temperature for your drinks, it also has a hot function if you want to keep your food warm. It has a led indicator for the hot-cold function. Its design is compact and easy to carry.

  1. Fields 75224

This model is a classic in every rule, but that does not mean that it is not functional and perfect to be your ally when it comes to storing your drinks or food to keep them cold. Take it with you to the beach, swimming pool, camping, in the mountains. It is made of p olipropileno and styrofoam insulation to maintain the cold.

It has that capacity of 16 liters, ideal for 2 people, it is resistant to UV rays which guarantees long useful life. Its design is modern and simple, thanks to its ergonomic handle, its transport will not be a problem. Opening and closing it to introduce your drinks is very simple, you will love it.

  1. Coleman 300

This Coleman brand model is ideal for you to take on those outings to the beach with the whole family or with a group of friends, thanks to its incredible 56-liter capacity it is ideal for you to carry drinks or cold food for up to 4 days. Made of high-density polyethylene on the outside and polyurethane insulation inside.

It has two wheels and a retractable handle so that you can move it from one side to the other in the easiest way. Additionally, it has 4 supports on the lid, ideal to keep your drinks safe at all times. You can even sit on it without worrying about damage since it will support up to 113kg.

  1. Icetime 13L

Finally, we present the most compact model but it will still be very functional for you, it has a capacity of 13 liters which will be ideal for storing several bottles of your favorite drink. It is made of polypropylene and with polyurethane foam insulation.

Its dimensions are 30.0 x 18.5 x 40.0 cm, it is very compact and easy to carry thanks to its handle. You can use the lid as a tray if you wish. It can keep the cold for up to 20 hours if you buy the batteries. Take it with you wherever you want, on a picnic, to the beach, the pool, the mountains.

How to use a beach cooler?
These coolers will keep your content cool and fresh for hours and even days. And for this to happen you must put it to good use.

Ice– Choose how you want the cooler to keep drinks cold, with ice packs or a cold pack.
Freeze – Then freeze the chosen item very well. As frozen as possible.
Cooler – Find the cooler and arrange the best possible ice or accumulator along with drinks and foods that need cold.
Done – Cover well and you will have the cooler ready to go to the beach. Try not to hit it on the way.
Beach– When you are on the beach if possible place the cooler with a little shade and with a cloth or towel underneath to avoid accumulating too much sand.
Clean – At the end of your day at the beach, clean the entire cooler very well. Inside and outside. Remove any sand it may have.
Store – If you are not going to use the cooler for a while, store it in a dry, cool place where it will not be exposed to shocks.

Best portable cooler brands
If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

Coleman– Brand recognized for the excellent quality of its products. It offers you from inflatable mattresses to a wide variety of coolers. It belongs to the high range, so its prices can vary considerably compared to other brands.
Campingaz- Brand with 70 years of experience specialized in all kinds of articles for outdoor activities. The coolers they manufacture are among the most acclaimed for their excellent value for money.
Igloo– Experts in portable refrigerators, this brand offers unmatched quality, any of its many models can be very useful.
Lucia– Another brand specialized in coolers, their products are of very good quality and soft-walled.
Where can you buy a beach blue cooler?
You cannot buy such an important product at a random store that does not guarantee its worth, so we leave you the most outstanding and safest stores you can find.

Amazon Beach Coolers- Amazon is the online site where you will find what you want since they have a lot of items available. These types of products are no exception since you will have a wide variety of models for you to choose the one you want.
Lild’s portable fridge- In this department store you find everything you need for home, entertainment and much more, it is possible to find this type of product, although they do not always guarantee the presence of recognized brands.
El Corte Ingles beach blue fridge – In this chain of stores, you can find high-quality technological equipment from recognized brands, although they may not have a great variety for this type of item.
Carrefour beach coolers- This chain of stores specializes in the sale of electronic equipment of all kinds, from mobile devices to music players and many more. Sometimes you will find this type of element, but you must bear in mind that since it is not its strength, it does not guarantee the best quality.

Advantages of using a cooler, what are its strengths?
Do not think about it anymore, acquiring this product can give you great benefits when using it. We will mention some of them below

What are the advantages of using a refrigerator? Its advantages are:

It can be used in any activity of your choice, from going to the beach to camping.
Reduce the cost of buying food and drinks on the beach.
You can have cold and refreshing drinks whenever you want.
They are easy to care for, clean, and transport.