Portable refrigerators are an excellent option to refrigerate food in any car in a practical and efficient way. If you are thinking of getting one, do not miss this comparison.

We have analyzed and compared some of the best models that you can buy online. You will find all the information you need to make your purchase right: models, brands, common questions, and much more.

Among the variety of options that exist, we have chosen those that have the most sales and the best user opinions. Thus we provide you with a list and comparison of the most profitable models.


Thermoelectric to 12 v and 220 v with the perfect traditional design to take away from home

Severin Advantages
This model allows you to store your cables in a compartment, thus making it more practical to transport. In addition, its design is ideal to move it comfortably, since it has a handle. This grip handle also serves as a safety lock preventing it from opening. You can plug it into the car cigarette lighter and also connect it at home.

It integrates ECO function, which is convenient to reduce noise at night while keeping cool. Its design allows you to put large bottles, even the lid has an ideal hole for 2-liter bottles. It has an A ++ energy classification, which guarantees maximum efficiency.

Featured technical specifications
Cooling system: Thermoelectric
Capacity: 20 and 28 liters
Connection : 12V DC, 230V AC (Usb in 28 l)
Functions: Cold and heat
Cooling: 20 ° C less than room temperature
Heating: Conservation up to 60 degrees
Size : 41.6 x 39.8 x 29.7 cm
Weight : 4.6 kg

Somewhat heavy
Model 28 USB operation


For those looking for a compressor fridge that includes a freezer function.

Advantages Dometic CDF26
This model is perfect for keeping food and beverages chilled or frozen. For this, it has a cooling capacity of 10 ° C to -18 ° C depending on its setting. Likewise, it integrates a practical digital display to see the temperature. In addition, it has buttons that allow you to regulate its level of cooling.

Inside it is illuminated with LED lights, as well as a removable basket that makes it very comfortable to use. It also has a sleek design and compact size. In addition, it can store 2-liter bottles in an upright position. Its folding lid can be disassembled, which makes it more practical according to the use you are going to give it.

Featured technical specifications
Cooling system: With compressor
Capacity: 21.5 liters
Connection : 12V / 24V DC and 230V AC with WAECO EPS 100 adapter
Functions: Refrigerator and freezer
Cooling: 10 ° C to -18 ° C
Heating: Does not have
Size : 55 x 42.5 x 26 cm
Weight : 12.7 kg



Electric or gas operation with good capacity and ice bucket, perfect for campers.

Advantages Combicool RC 1600
The high efficiency of this model offers the possibility of making ice cubes. It even comes with an ice bucket that fits perfectly inside. Its different connection options allow you to use it practically anywhere. You have the alternatives of connecting it at home, in the car, or using it on the gas outside.

It is calibrated to work with a pressure of 30 Mbar, the one allowed in Spain. Likewise, it offers 230V temperature control and flame regulation in gas operation. Its design is elegant and has carrying handles. Due to its absorption technology, it does not make any noise.

Featured technical specifications
Cooling system: Absorption
Capacity: 31 liters
Connection : 12V DC, 230V AC and gas 30 Mbar.
Functions: Cold and freezer
Cooling: 30 ° C less than ambient temperature
Heating: This does not apply
Size : 48.5 x 44.2 x 50 cm
Weight : 16 kg
Using gas heats the surface of the fireplace part.
It is somewhat heavy.


A model without a compressor is designed to keep cold rather than refrigerate.

Mobicool advantages
It has a good manufacturing quality, so it is ideal to carry it in the car and use it outside. Its storage capacity is 29 liters and its design allows you to store 1.5-liter bottles vertically. It also has a dual power supply, which makes it quite practical to use where you need it.

Its cooling system is quite efficient thanks to the fact that it integrates two fans. In this way, the air distribution is better and it cools faster. Likewise, it has a carrying handle that, in addition to making it comfortable to carry, also serves as a lock for the lid.

Featured technical specifications
Cooling system: Thermoelectric
Capacity: 29 liters
Connection : 12V DC and 230V AC
Functions: Cold
Cooling: 18 ° C less than room temperature.
Heating: Not applicable.
Size : 29.6 x 44.5 x 39.6 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg
Inner condensation
Low cooling capacity


Hot and cold function in a very compact size perfect for drinks or snacks.

Astoria Advantages
Its great functionality allows you to use it both for cooling and heating. Its cooling system maintains up to 30 ° C less than room temperature. On the other hand, it can heat up to 66 ° C. Its size is quite small, which is convenient to use and transport. In addition, it has a handle for easy loading.

It stands out for being very silent as its maximum operating noise is 28 dB. It also has a high cooling efficiency that manages to cool even when the temperature outside is high. In it, you can store up to 6 cans of soda of 350 ml.

Featured technical specifications
Cooling system: Thermoelectric
Capacity: 4 liters
Connection : 12V DC and 220V AC
Functions: Cold and heat
Cooling: 30 ° C less than room temperature.
Heating: 66 ° C
Size : 27.6 x 24.6 x 18.6 cm
Weight : 2 kg
Price size ratio

With the following guide, you can more easily determine which is the ideal model for you. In it, we show you the characteristics that you can consider in each option. Likewise, we show you the most recognized brands and trusted stores.

Based on our experience of using these devices, these are the aspects that you should analyze.

Active to Cool or Passive to Preserve
Our recommendation is that you opt for an active one if your intention is to cool the products that you store in it. They are also ideal if you are looking for a model that will freeze or have an additional heating function. For its use, an electrical connection to the car through the cigarette lighter or gas is essential. Among the active ones, you will find compressor, thermoelectric, or absorption.

On the other hand, you have the passive operation, which is quite practical for sporadic use. These do not include a cooling or heating mechanism. Its usefulness is solely to preserve the cold of the objects that you store in it. For its use, it is necessary to keep things already cold or frozen and it is also advisable to put ice.

Cooling system: Thermoelectric, Compressor or Absorption
The thermoelectric needs electricity to cool, as its name suggests. For the car, the ideal is that it works at 12 volts, although there are models that work with 24, 220, or even several voltages.

These are ideal if you are looking for a lightweight product and want to keep 15-30 ° C below room temperature. They do not have as much cooling power, but they are the cheapest, they are silent, they can heat, and are not affected by movement or unevenness.

There are also compressor systems, which are best for their high cooling capacity. They also need electricity to work and with them, you can cool down to -20 ° C regardless of the outside temperature; also, they do not consume as much energy. These are the ones that we mainly recommend if you are looking for high efficiency, although they are more expensive and noisier.

Lastly, you can consider an absorption or trivalent model. Their advantage is that they can work with connection to 12V, 220V, or gas (generally butane) and that they do not make any noise. With them you can have up to 30 ° C below the ambient temperature, so they do not perform as much as the compressor ones. Their prices are also high and another negative aspect is that they need to be well leveled to offer maximum performance.

Operating temperature
It is ideal that you verify these characteristics in the active types since the levels of cold and heat vary. If you opt for a thermoelectric or absorption one, we suggest that you keep at least 15 ° C lower than the outside temperature. Although if it is very hot where you will use it, try that then its capacity is greater.

If you decide on one with a compressor, we advise you to at least offer a temperature below 0. In case you want it to freeze then it is ideal that it be at least -18 ° C. There are also models that have a double operation; that is, they can also heat. In this regard, we recommend that the heating temperature is 60 ° C or higher.

Storage capacity
To be functional, it is essential that it offers the appropriate capacity according to what you plan to store. So we suggest you verify that it has the space you need. You can determine this by looking at the capacity in liters of each model. As well as the possibility of storing some items such as cans or bottles.

In general, for 4 people the most useful is 25 to 30 liters. However, this also depends on the time of use you plan to be away from home. So if you go on a trip for several days, a larger one is probably much more convenient.

Mainly it is important that you see the external dimensions that the equipment has. Ideally, it should fit in the car. In addition, the more compact it is, the more comfortable it is to use even in the trunk.

Also, look at its weight, so you will have an idea of ​​what it will weigh when it is loaded. Take into account that the compressor ones are heavier.

Another very useful detail is that it has handles for transport or wheels, which will undoubtedly make it easier for you to move it.

If you want to look for quality because of the reputation that the equipment manufacturer has, then we suggest you consider the following brands:


Among the variety of options you have to buy this equipment, these are the most reliable stores. Also, you can find some cheap or second-hand options.

The English Court
We want to help you with all your questions before buying. That is why we provide you with the answers to the most common questions. In addition, we give you the opportunity to ask us through the comments any additional questions.

Can I connect a 12V at home?
If it has a double connection mode (12V / 220V) you can logically connect it to AC power without problems. However, there are models that only have a cigarette lighter socket. In these cases, you can opt for a transformer and an adapter to use at home.

Does food have to be cold before putting it in the fridge?
It depends on the type and capacity you have. In the passive type if it is essential that everything is cold before storing it; in fact, it may be necessary to pack ice. On the other hand, for those with thermoelectric and absorption operation, this is not so essential. Whereas in the compressor ones, it is absolutely not necessary to cool anything before putting them in.

In 12V is it necessary to disconnect it from time to time?
These equipment are designed to be always connected in both 12V and 220V. However, we advise you to verify the energy consumption of the chosen model. In this way, you can prevent the car battery from discharging if the engine is running.