2021 comparison and opinion on the best electric cooler for motorhomes and camping in 2021

Favorite: Mobicool W40 portable electric refrigerator
You are a truck driver and you spend a lot of time in a truck. You often go camping and look for a way to store your food properly. Why not go for a portable electric refrigerator? More compact than a real refrigerator, but quite large, the MOBICOOL W40 is the perfect accessory you need.

Mobicool W40: an efficient and practical electric cooler

With its 40 liter capacity and 8.4 kg empty weight, you quickly understand that the Mobicool W40 cooler is a tool designed to be robust and robust. The refrigerator is perfectly used every day and is made of very good quality materials. The Mobicool W40 electric refrigerator can be connected to 12V, 24V, and 230V.

On the cold storage side, there is nothing to say. The refrigerator cools and keeps food optimally. As a general rule, the Mobicool W40 allows you to drop down to 18 ° below room temperature. However, keep in mind that the cooler has trouble maintaining optimal performance when connected to 12V. However, there is no problem when connected to 230V.

The advantages of an efficient electric refrigerator
If we would like to tell you about the electric cooler, it is because it is a product that has so many benefits that it could make your trips much more enjoyable. Whether you are having a picnic near your home or going several hundred miles from home, the electric refrigerator will always be of great use to you. So that you know what to expect when you opt for such equipment, we will list all the advantages of an electric cooler below.

Preserving food with your electric refrigerator
First of all, the main concern of an electric refrigerator is to keep your food-sensitive to temperature variations cold. Thanks to the cold generated by your device, your food will remain perfectly edible, even if it remains out of the refrigerator for several hours. So you can leave your home with peace of mind knowing that you are not putting yourself in danger when you eat these foods. In addition, if you are leaving home and want to bring culinary specialties from the region in which you are on vacation, for example, thanks to an electric refrigerator, you can indulge as much as you like.


On hot summer days, the electric refrigerator is particularly popular as it can keep refreshing drinks cool. When you are on your way on vacation, for example, you will no longer have to stop at a motorway service and pay for expensive soft drinks, as you will simply have to open your electric refrigerator and help yourself. . Even at home, the electric refrigerator can be interesting. For example, if you are barbecuing with friends in your yard, having your electric refrigerator nearby will save you from having to go back and forth to the refrigerator.

The ease of use of a refrigerator.
Of course, the success of the electric cooler is also due to its impressive ease of use. For most models, simply connect the device to an electrical power source, after which it will work independently. You won’t have to make any particular adjustments, the only restriction is making sure your equipment doesn’t tip over. Therefore, you can go for a self-contained electric refrigerator making sure to take full advantage of all its features without having to make the slightest effort.

Ease of transport.
Finally, an electric refrigerator is a piece of equipment that is considered very easy to transport. That is why, most often, this type of equipment is equipped with a carrying ring or strap so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. However, for this ease of transport to be optimal, it will be important that you take care not to overfill it, otherwise, your weight could increase dramatically.

The different types of operation of an electric cooler.
When you do your research, you will see that there are several types of electric coolers, and not all of them work on the exact same principle. To make it easier for you to orient yourself to a type of operation tailored to your needs, we wanted to tell you all about it.

The thermoelectric cooler
This type of cooler, also called a Peltier cooler, works by passing a current through a pair of electrical conductors, which will displace heat. Therefore, the temperature inside the cooler will drop by 10 ° C compared to the outside temperature if the device is plugged into a cigarette lighter socket with a 12v converter, and by 30 ° C if it is plugged into the mains. The heat present in the refrigerator will be removed by an aeration system.

The compression cooler

This mode of operation is identical to that of a domestic refrigerator, that is, it works by compressing a gas. This compression will cause a chemical reaction that will generate cold. Whether you connect such a refrigerator to an electrical outlet or a cigarette lighter socket, the temperature inside the electric refrigerator can be quickly reduced and stabilized. These excellent features make the electric compression refrigerator very popular with consumers.

The absorption cooler
Much rarer, the slightly more energy-efficient electrical absorption chiller works thanks to an absorption system for ammonia present in the system. Ammonia, once treated and compressed, will generate cold and can reduce the temperature by 30 ° C. However, equipment of this type, because it is less widespread and has a high performance, generally costs much more than an electrical compression or a thermoelectric cooler.

How to choose a good electric refrigerator

Choosing an electric refrigerator is something that should be done very carefully, as it is primarily about finding the equipment that perfectly meets all your expectations. To support you in your research, we will detail the different criteria for choosing an electric refrigerator, which will allow you to know very precisely how to proceed so that your satisfaction meets your requirements.

The type of operation
The first criterion to consider when choosing a refrigerator concerns how it works. In fact, if you are looking for an ultra-powerful and fast model, an absorption device is especially recommended. On the other hand, if you especially need your next electric refrigerator to be able to keep your food fresh for a few hours, in this case, a thermoelectric model will be the best, especially since this type of equipment is the most economical.

The volume
Of course, for an electric refrigerator to meet your needs, it is essential that it can accommodate all the food you want to take with you. During your research, take the time to compare the volume of different electric coolers because your satisfaction will depend very directly on it. Also, the higher the volume, the higher the price, so it is important to choose a model that perfectly suits your needs, at no additional cost. However, keep in mind that from time to time your needs may be more important, like when you go on vacation, for example.

The electric refrigerator is a piece of equipment that will take up a little space in your vehicle. And as you know, it is often difficult to successfully close the trunk during long outings. By choosing an electric refrigerator, the useful volume of your trunk will be reduced, which means that care must be taken when choosing a device that offers adequate dimensions for the trunk of your car. Choose the most compact cooler possible and make sure its volume meets your needs.

The type of food
Most of the time, an electric refrigerator can be plugged into an electrical outlet or a cigarette lighter socket. However, there are also some models that only offer one or the other of these options, which depending on your needs could be problematic. When you have found an interesting refrigerator, make sure its type of food corresponds to what you are looking for to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The price

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Finally, even if it is extremely important, especially when outside temperatures are high, the electric refrigerator is still a comfort product whose purchase should not jeopardize your finances. Before you start your research, we recommend that you set a maximum budget that is not exceeded for any reason, allowing you to have fun without sacrificing all of your savings. However, if you think that the price of an electric refrigerator is too expensive for the utility company or because of the short time used, it is still possible to buy a quality cooler bag for less than 10 euros. The storage time will be a maximum of 5 hours.

The refrigerator to transport food during the summer during the holidays.

If the electric refrigerator is also appreciated, it is because it allows you to carry fresh products, and especially when you go on vacation. However, it is important to consider this type of device as cold storage equipment, not as a full mini-refrigerator. Depending on the model you have selected, your food can stay fresh for several days without you having to fear any health risks. If you are staying in a camp, for example, you can sunbathe while having refreshing drinks available at all times. The electric refrigerator is very interesting when you go on vacation, as it also allows you to bring gastronomic memories of the place where you have stayed while being guaranteed that they will remain perfectly edible.

Electric cooler for car or motorhome
As we started to tell you before, the electric refrigerator you choose will not necessarily be the same depending on whether you drive a car or a motorhome. And for good reason, if you travel by car, you will have to look for a model that is minimalist, that is, that corresponds as closely as possible to your needs, without superfluity, so that the volume of your trunk remains as high as possible. . On the other hand, if you go on vacation in a motorhome, it will be preferable that you opt for a more generous model that can act as an additional mini-refrigerator. The budget to dedicate to such purchase will be greater, but your satisfaction will obviously be much more exceptional. In a camp because the electric refrigerator is an essential accessory, like having a good telescopic ladder.

The price of an electric refrigerator.
The interesting thing at this level is that the price of an electric refrigerator is not necessarily very high. You can even find a device that meets all your needs for just a few tens of euros. Specifically, an entry-level electric refrigerator can be displayed at a price of around thirty euros, which is quite correct. For high-quality equipment, count on a budget that can be between 50 and 80 euros. Finally, for high-end models, the price can exceed one hundred euros. Finally, so that you can find a cheap electric refrigerator that meets your expectations, at the end of this article, we will tell you where you can get such a product while we make sure we do a good deal.

An electric refrigerator is practical!
What makes an electric cooler all the success is the fact that this is a particularly practical piece of equipment for many reasons. In addition to keeping your food fresh, the electric refrigerator offers impressive ease of use. All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, place your food, and close it to keep it fresh. Most of the time, you won’t have to make any adjustments, allowing you to travel with peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy your food in the best condition as soon as you want.

The capacity of an electric car cooler
Choose an electric refrigerator

The capacity of an electric refrigerator is extremely variable, although the average is around 30 liters. Obviously, depending on your needs, such a capacity may or may not be suitable for you. But it must be recognized, evaluating its volume requirements is not very simple if we are not used to it. For this reason, in the vast majority of cases, brands illustrate this volume with products. To give you an example, a refrigerator with a volume of 26 liters can accommodate approximately 24 33-centiliter cans.

Where to buy a cheap electric refrigerator?
Now it is possible to buy an electric refrigerator also in a specialized car store as if you were to buy your snow socks for your car than in a large area for example. However, it must be recognized, most of the time, you will have to pay a high price to offer yourself a quality model. That is why we suggest you buy your refrigerator at the best price on Amazon.fr. The brand is indeed the benchmark in its field, and by choosing it, you will benefit from exceptional services, such as extremely fast delivery or a money-back guarantee. Finally, by choosing to buy an electric refrigerator on Amazon, you are guaranteed to find your model at the best possible price, allowing you to combine business with pleasure.