Keep your drinks cold on vacation with these portable electric coolers

Keep your drinks cold on vacation with these portable electric coolers

During our summer vacations we usually take trips that require a long journey, so sometimes we find it difficult to keep cold the drinks that we carry in conventional refrigerators. These refrigerators keep the cold but are not capable of providing more cold than the ice or drinks that we have introduced have. Fortunately, there is an alternative to solve this product: portable electric coolers.

These refrigerators can be connected to both a traditional socket and the car’s cigarette lighter, so we can enjoy a long journey without our drinks getting hot during the trip. Here is a compilation of the best quality-price portable refrigerators that we have found on Amazon.

Mobicool MV30 / MT30 portable cooler

Whether it’s for a road trip or a party with your friends, this cooler will take care of cooling your drinks. Its flexible power options allow you to operate with 12V outlets from coach and or using the electricity network in your home. In addition, it is resistant to weather conditions and the bumps of transport.

Its versatile carry handle locks the lid while on the go, and you can also keep the lid open for easy access to beverages. Thanks to the double fan system, which distributes the cold air throughout the refrigerator, reliable and fast cooling performance are guaranteed. Its capacity is 29 liters, being able to fit up to six 1.5-liter bottles in a vertical position.

Nevera portátil Clatronic KB 3714

This practical travel cooler is ideal to take when camping and during your long trips. It can be used for both cooling and heating, so it does double duty. Its total capacity is 30 liters and can accommodate bottles of up to 2 liters. Its cooling system allows you to cool its contents up to 18 ° C below room temperature.

It is made of double-walled housing with high-quality plastic insulation. It has a special sealing rubber on the lid that reduces condensation. Its handle is foldable and the lid is removable. It can be connected to the car through the 12V socket and to the home socket. Includes an energy-saving mode (ECO function)

Nevera portátil Severin KB 2923

This portable electric cooler serves both to cool drinks, food, and medicine, as well as to keep food warm. It has a 220-240V and a 12V connection for the car cigarette lighter and a USB cable. Its cooling system allows it to cool down to 20 ° C below ambient temperature, and on the contrary, it can retain heat about 50 ° C.

Its removable cover includes a handle, closure, and integrated compartment to store the cable safely. The separation rack allows you to store beverages individually. Its noise level is low (49 dB). It includes an eco-friendly ECO mode.

Mobicool Q40 Electric Refrigerator

To get the best cooling performance out of a cool cooler, this model from Mobicool is a great option. Thanks to its generous insulation it is able to cool your drinks quickly and efficiently. With cooling down to 20 ° C below room temperature, you can take all kinds of food and drinks with you.

It’s aluminum outer casing is stylish and durable, and the foldable controllers save space when not needed. It has a practical compartment in the lid to store the cables. Its capacity is 39 liters and can be connected to the car socket.