62 quart Xtreme Cooler review

As the summer approaches and people head out on camping expeditions, picnics, and even hanging out on the beach, you have to make sure that you have the ideal cooler with you. If you are still an owner of a large cooler box that is decades old, you should think of upgrading your cooler, so that can keep your food and beverages chilled for a longer period of time.

Similar to most consumer goods, the technology, and material used to manufacture coolers have been improved substantially over the last decade or so. Coleman has been a trusted company in the United States of America to manufacture some of the best products and is a leader in the industry. Coleman 62 qt. Xtreme Cooler is a popular cooler among the many that have been introduced in the past. This device features specifications that are ideal for all you outdoor enthusiasts. It is perfect for weekend getaways such as camping with your family or picnics during the hot summer months.

Xtreme Coolers by Coleman is a large cooler that is designed to hold up to 85 twelve-ounce cans of beverages and plenty of ice as well. It can keep your ice in solid form for up to five full days which is quite rare when compared to other coolers available today. Exterior temperatures can rise up to 90 degrees but you can still enjoy a chilled drink. There is no need to keep your cooler cool to have all its contents chilling at the proper temperature.


The 62 quart Xtreme Cooler is just like its name suggests; a large 62-quart cooler. It has the capacity to hold dozens of beverages plus the necessary ice – and keeps everything chilled enough for the ice to remain solid for days when you are holidaying. If you are good at packing things into the cooler, you have enough and more room to carry beverages and even perishable food items in one cooler rather than juggling two or three during one trip. The cooler’s lid consists of four beverage holders that can hold your drinks without moving them about.

coleman cooler with wheels

Since the product is a Coleman Cooler, it is of high quality and also boasts a stylish outlook. The exterior of the cooler is constructed using high-quality and durable Coleman blue plastic. It also comprises a towing handle and wheels allowing you to move it with ease even when it’s packed and heavy. Its overall functionality is what makes the cooler one of the best in the market today. It’s durable and provides you the exact services that you require to make your outdoor trip convenient and fun.